The department has a modern operation theatre complex with three operation theatres and an advanced laser unit. All the areas are equipped with necessary patient care equipment.

Facilities and Services

The ailments treated at the Department of Ophthalmology at SSSIHMS, Prasanthigram are as follows:

Routine refractive errors

  • Infection and Inflammations of conjunctiva.
  • Pterigium excision with conjunctiva graft.
  • Removal of foreign body’s implanted in cornea.


  • Cataract of all age groups are treated with IOL implantation unless otherwise
  • Traumatic Cataract
  • Subluxated or dislocated cataracts

Cataract is operated by v S.I.C.S, ECCE, Phacoemulsification dependency or the merits of the case. Rigid or foldable IOL’s are placed depending on the procedure adopted.


  • Trabeculectomy
  • Combined extraction
  • Yag P I


  • Laser treatment for various cases including diabetic Retinopathies
  • Surgery for retinal detachment.
  • Removal of Intra ocular foreign body and parasitic cysts in Posterior segment
  • Vitrectomy for various posterior segment diseases

Squint (Strabismus) correction

Lid Surgeries

  • Ptosis surgery
  • Correction of Entropion and Ectropion

Neurophthalmology clinic

  • Cases are investigated and suitable cases are referred to Department of Neurology SSSIHMS, Whitefield.

The selection of cases for surgery depends upon the visual prognosis effects at the time of screening. Cases with poor visual prognosis are not be admitted.

  • Number of beds in the wards : 42
  • Number of beds in ICU : 05

The department has visiting surgeons from abroad in the fields of squint and vitreo-retinal surgeries.

Patient Care

  • For inpatients, medicines, nursing care, diet are given free of cost, during their stay. The patient is admitted after investigation, and pre-operative preparation is done and the advised medicines are administered. Next day the patients are operated upon and kept for one more day. On the third day patient is discharged after being given a post-operative advice.
  • At the time of discharge, review dates and the advice for post-operative care are explained to the patients. On an average 300 to 310 surgeries are performed every month. Daily around 12 patients are admitted for surgery.

Facilities in terms of investigation tools:

  • Set up for refraction correction
  • Laser treatment for retinal disorders and post-cataract surgeries
  • Fundus fluoresciene angiograpny, and OCT – diagnosing retinal and glaucoma disorder
  • Field analyser for diagnosing glaucoma and for evaluating treatment effect


  • DNB curriculum – 3 years duration for Diplomate in Ophthalmology
  • Every year two candidates are taken.

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Dr. Nikhil Kumar Mohanty, Senior Consultant
Dr. M Sasireka, Senior Consultant
Dr. Anuj Sharma, Consultant
Dr. Girija Gurung, Consultant
Dr. V Balkiran, Senior Resident
Dr. Prathima, Senior Resident
Dr. S Lakshminarayanan, Senior Medical Officer

Visiting faculty:

Dr. Hemanth Murthy (Once in a month) : Visiting Surgeon Retina
Dr. Sri Ranganath : Visiting Professor for Academics
Dr. Sanjeev Dewan, a visiting specialist from the U.S. performs all kinds of squint surgeries and ptosis operations. Dr. Sailesh, a retina surgeon visits the department, once a year and performs vitrio retinal surgery.
Dr. Dilip Patel visits the department once a year and performs retinal and glaucoma surgery.
Dr. Sai B. Gandham, MD., Place New York, Specialist in Galucoma – visits once in an year.
Several ophthalmology surgeons visit from Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai.

For any queries or an appointment please mail to enquirypg@sssihms.org.in along with the scanned copies of the latest medical reports.

You can also write to:

Patient Correspondence Cell,
Room No. 140 ,
Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences,
Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh. – 515134.

Or call 08555-287388 ext 508

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