In line with the recent advances in Information Technology, Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Science s(SSSIHMS), Prasanthigram has established comprehensive computerisation of:

  • Inpatient services
  • Outpatient services
  • Medical Records
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Material Management
  • Administration

It has also improved communication by widening of the electronic mail, SMS and internet facilities through out the hospital.

SSSIHMS, Prasanthigram, is technically and technologically advanced to improve its capabilities to serve patients better. Information Technology is being used effectively to assist the overall operations of the hospital and to improve the utilisation of IT infrastructure in a cost effective manner.

Hospital Information Systems

The Enterprise Manager System (EM) from Computer Science Corporation (CSC) has been implemented in all key hospital departments delivering improved patient management and clinician support at the hospital. Health professionals can access up-to-date and accurate details of a patient’s health condition to enable a correct diagnosis and treatment decision, better planning and deployment of resources, reduction in duplication and wastage.

With EM interfaced to laboratory analysers, automated resulting in Biochemistry department (constituting 35 per cent of total lab tests done) has increased the speed and accuracy of the results process. It is also linked to a Picture Archival and Communications System (PACS). Apart from enabling filmless radiology, this technology makes available results of diagnostic tests at the desktop of the consulting clinician.

The biggest advantage of automation is that patients can be served quicker. For instance, out- patient consultations can be completed on the same day since clinical departments can interact more efficiently with support services.

It is possible now to share the patient data between the two Sri Sathya Sai super-speciality hospitals. For instance, Orthopedic surgeons at Prasanthigram can view online reports of MRI scans taken at Whitefield.

EM contains user-defined templates needed for the capture of clinical data specific to clinical super-specialties. Such templates reduce the time spent during consultations for entering patient history. Data entered in these templates is stored in a structured fashion, facilitating research and analysis.

Built on a J2EE platform, EM system is web based allowing users to access information anywhere within the hospital through a web browser.

Picture Archival and Communication System

In keeping with the system’s focus on integrated eHealth initiatives, in April 2009, Sri Sathya Sai Medical Trust made a strategic investment by procuring SYNAPSE, a state-of-the-art Picture archival and Communication system (PACS) from FUJIFILM Medical Systems.

The PACS enables efficient management of all medical images captured from a variety of modalities of SSSIHMS hospitals at Prasanthigram and Whitefield, providing radiologists and clinicians with instant electronic access to those exams to support the diagnostic reporting process. Over the coming months, installation will include comprehensive work flow integration of the radiology departments of all the Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust hospitals, infrastructure to integrate modality capture and existing iSOFT EM system.

PACS was an essential investment in hospital’s future. Shared PACS networks and shared radiologist resources allow remote facilities to benefit from access to centralised radiologists and specialists, which greatly improve the timeliness of diagnosis and enhances patient care. The road map includes centralised storage of all images across departments including pathology, pre and post-surgery clippings etc., and a seamless access to the studies from outside the facilities using a secured VPN.

Echocardiogram Capture System Echo view

Echo view solution from Matrix View Ltd. is used for capturing, storing and reviewing of echocardiograms and ultrasound images. Traditionally these scans are stored using video cassette tapes occupying large storage space and cumbersome method to retrieve and review. Powered by a unique industrial compression technology called Adaptive Binary Optimisation (ABO), the Echo view box connected to echocardiogram machine seamlessly captures, compresses and stores scans providing instance access to consultants for review. Installed in 2004, Echo view system has helped in reducing patient waiting time by avoiding repeat scans and drastic reduction in effort and space for archiving scans.

 Inventory management System

In order to provide the Cost effective procurement of medical consumables, a comprehensive Inventory Management System was developed in-house by HMIS team. The system helps in making decisions in purchasing and maintaining optimal stock of medical consumables through re-order levels and for tracking of the items up to the point of consumption.

 Saral Payroll Pay Pack

Saral Pay Pack offers a comprehensive solution for all payroll needs.

 Qualified and skilled staff

Our Hospital Management Systems department is manned with qualified and skilled IT professionals some of whom are alumni of the Sri Sathya Sai University. Good skill sets have been developed by training and workshops to equip staff with updates on the latest technologies. They thus have the technical skill set as well as domain knowledge of Hospital Management systems. Many of them are double degree holder’s one in technical side (M.Tech, MS (Software Engineering), M. Sc (M&CS) ) and another in Management side (MBA). The Hospital’s IT department thus is in a constant quest to provide the best software which is most user friendly and at the same time uses the latest technological advances to provide stable systems

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