The Welfare Society (WS) was formed at the instance of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba in February 1995 with the broad objectives of:

  • Welfare services for OPD patients and their attendants by providing them wholesome and hygienic food at nominal rates.
  • A good canteen for the staff and sevadal, serving healthy meals in congenial surroundings at reasonable rates.
  • Other activities for ensuring safe and healthy living conditions in the campus.
  • Bhagawan nominated some of the members of the staff who would constitute the nine member General Body, which formed a five member Executive Committee to actively supervise and implement policies and practices in tandem with the General Body.

Active Services provided by the Welfare Society (WS)

  • In a spacious, well-equipped canteen building leased from Sri Sathya Sai Medical Trust, the WS runs (a) Staff canteen (120 seats approx) for hospital staff, (b) a second canteen for gents and ladies sevadal (100 seats) and (c) a satellite canteen for patients and patient attendants (150 seats).
  • In the residential campus, the WS runs a grocery store, which provides household needs at low prices and is very popular among the campus residents.
  • The WS has arranged a cable TV service to the residents in the various apartments in the campus on payment basis.
  • The WS also runs an STD booth inside the hospital premises for the benefit of patients and staff.
  • The WS has a regular garbage clearance and disposal programme in coordination with the local municipality.

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