National Board of Examination guidelines are adhered to with respect to, library, internet facilities etc.

Other Facilities

  • Common conference halls and departmental seminar rooms are equipped with slide projector with screen, dual LCD and overhead projector and recording facilities.
  • Tele-conferencing, tele-medicine room with modem for ISRO, VSAT connectivity for tele-education and tele-consultation are available in the hospital.
  • Accommodation and canteen facility is available for all the trainees within the hospital campus.
  • Facility for hands-on experience for DNB Trainees of the hospital (eg: exposure to surgeries on rotation, clinical skills lab, penta head microscope, Laparoscopic Pelvi Trainer, Intubating Mannequin Observation tube facility in slit lamp, teaching aid in indirect ophthalmoscope, observation tube in operating microscope etc.)

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