The engineering department is engaged in 3 essential activities:- (a) Planned preventive maintenance, (b) periodical overhaul and (c) the implementation of approved works. These activities constitute the responsibilities of this department.

To achieve these objectives, there is a modest contingent of engineers and staff under 5 sub disciplines as shown below. These sub-disciplines provide coverage for the totality of the hospital, the residential complex, and the patients’ hostels. In short, this department provides the ground work necessary to enable the medical staff to deliver consistently high quality medical services to the patients.

Departmental Organization:

The five main sub-disciplines managed by engineers, are delineated below:

  • Air-conditioning: An Air-conditioning Engineer.
  • Biomedical: A biomedical superintending engineer and an assistant Biomedical Engineer.
  • Electrical engineering: An Executive Engineer.
  • Mechanical engineering: Senior Manager (Engineering), who not only looks after the mechanical engineering, but also takes full care of the central engineering stores, and functions as the Procurement Officer.

The department functions under the Chief Engineer. The total strength of maintenance staff and operators is 41.



The hospital is equipped both with centralized AC system as well as individual room Air Conditioners, based on medical environment and operating needs.

Operation theatres,Intensive care Units, CCU, Cardiac Wards, Blood Bank and Laboratories etc where air quality requirements are stringent are serviced by Air Handling Units(AHUs), which draw chilled water from a central plant and supply filtered, bacterial free humidity and temperature conditioned air. The hospital has 45 such AHUs, whose individual refrigeration capacity varies from 7 tonnes to 27 tonnes depending on the area serviced by them.

Out Patient Departments, Patient Consultation Rooms, Conference halls etc, where air quality requirements are not that stringent are serviced by either Fan Coil units (FCUs) or Room air conditioners. The hospital has 49 such FCUs and 26 air conditioners.

Chilled water supply is ensured from a central plant having 4 chiller package units, each of 120 tonnes refrigerating capacity, a closed circuit water main having 4 chiller package units, each of 120 tonnes refrigerating capacity, and a closed circuit water main having 4 chiller pumps and 4 condenser pumps. Three cooling towers cater to the head dissipation requirements of the plant.

In addition, 15 Deep Freezers and 55 refrigerators have been provided to meet the needs of Blood bank, Laboratories, Patient wards, Dietary and Stores departments. Sixteen water coolers have been placed at strategic locations to provide safe drinking water to patients and their attendants who visit the hospital. Ten Air curtains installed in front ICU entrances ensure that sterility of those areas is not disturbed by seepage of outside air whenever trolleys move in and out.

Biomedical Engineering:

The Biomedical wing at SSSIHMS-PG has been equipped with sophisticated medical equipments and instruments to ensure that the patients receive the best treatment, be it medical management or surgical intervention. The most advanced diagnostic equipments are available in the hospital. The biomedical division deals with the procurement, maintenance/servicing/upkeep, and coordination with service providers etc. of all the medical equipments in the various departments of the hospital.

The in-house biomedical team consists of two engineers and one technical assistant.

The biomedical wing also acts as a facilitator between the user and the supplier and helps the user departments in special features usage of the biomedical equipments.

Electrical Engineering:

The following is a list of major equipment maintained by the electrical department:

  • Power generation equipment
    3 Nos. (1260KVA)

  • Power Transforming equipment
    2 Nos (1750KVA)

  • Power polishing equipment
    7 Nos. (625 KVA)

  • UPS system
    6 Nos. (220 KVA)

  • Switching network
    336 lines

  • Elevators
    3 Nos. (2 bed lifts, 1 Pass lift)

  • Illumination network (tubelights & sockets)
    4635 points

  • Ceiling Fans
    500 Nos

  • Motors
    259 Nos

  • Elec steam generating equipment
    4 Nos. (1 canteen, 3 Dietary)

  • UPS and stabilizers
    6 Nos

The electrical Department derives it primary source of power from the state utility grid. This primary source is backed up by the in-house deployment of UPSs and diesel generating equipment. The approved maximum demand now stands at 1200KVA. The current steady-state demand is 988 KVA. The approved max-demand provides a buffer for the progressive expansion of the hospital.

Rigorous preventive maintenance has reduced the downtime of critical equipment like generators, switch gears etc to less than 5% down-time.

Mechanical Engineering:

The Mechanical Engineering service looks after Sewerage, Sterilizers, Distilled Water Plant, laundry, incinerator, water distribution and the other mechanical works. The equipment and machinery covered by this service are:

  • Description
    Number of Units

  • Washing Machine

  • Dryer

  • Hydro extractor

  • Pressing machine

  • Dry cleaning machine

  • Pumps of various capacities (borewells, garden pumps etc)

  • Vacuum Pumps

  • Incinerator

  • Medical Air Compressors

  • Compressors for sterilizers

  • Dietary kitchen equipment

  • Fire fighting
    71 Cylinders

  • Sterilisers

  • Hot & cold machine

  • Distilled water plant

  • Central Gas plant manifold
    120 Cylinders

Our fire fighting capability is being maintained with periodical servicing of fire alarms, extinguishers and hose reels.

The Central AC plant has an installed capacity of 360 T. It is supplemented by a dedicated AC unit of 8 T capacity for the CT Scan area and a satellite chiller unit for closed cycle water cooling of the CT Scan machine itself.

Maintenance staff belonging to this section consists of a Senior experienced Engineer-Consultant, and one senior technician. The plant is operated by 5 operators and one helper.

Routine Maintenance of all the AHUs and FCUs is done departmentally. Major servicing of the central equipment alone is done through the original suppliers like Voltas and Blue Star.

In addition, 2 AHUs were installed for providing filtered AC facility for Gastro-Intestinal and Plastic Surgery Departments.

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