The department began functioning on the day the hospital was inaugurated, 22-Nov 1991, with one fixed 300mA X-ray machine and one portable 60mA X-ray machine. Today it is one of the best equipped Radiology departments and houses a 630mA X-ray machine with CR system, 800mA X-ray & Fluoroscopy equipment, three Color-Doppler Ultrasound systems, a 128-slice CT scanner and 1.5T MRI equipment. There are also three portable X-ray machines available for use around the hospital in the in-patient areas.

It caters to the patients referred from within SSSIHMS Prasanthigram. In addition, it also caters to the patients referred from (i) SSSGH, Prasanthi Nilayam; (ii) SSSIHMS, Whitefield; (iii) SSSGH, Whitefield; (iv) SSS Mobile Hospital.

It is a filmless Radiology department. All Radiological images are distributed on the Picture Archival & Communication System (PACS).

Orders for all Radiological investigations are placed on the enterprise-wide electronic Hospital Information System (eHIS). Reports are made available for clinicians on the eHIS through the Radiology Information System (RIS). In addition to in-house reporting, the department uses the strength of the hospital’s IT infrastructure to perform Tele Radiology consulting with Consultants based at SSSIHMS Whitefield, other cities in India and overseas.


  • Conventional X Ray and Special X Ray investigations.
  • USG /Doppler/USG guided procedures/Sono-mammography.
  • Fluoroscopic services.
  • CT/ CT angiographies/ CT guided procedures.
  • MRI/MRI angiography.
  • PACS – Filmless environment.


Infrastructure / Equipment

  • 60 mA/100 mA Portable X-ray units: Caters to Xray investigations done in the OT, ICU and Wards of all departments.
  • 630 mA Fixed Radiography: Caters to all Xray investigations that are done in the Radiology department.
  • 800 mA Fixed Radiography + Fluoroscopy: Xrays that require better clarity such as Xray of abdomen and spine are performed here. All fluoroscopic examinations such as Barium exams, Urethrograms, Sinusograms etc are done here.
  • Color Doppler Ultrasound Units: All routine Ultrasound exams of KUB and Abdomen are done here. So also are Color Doppler Ultrasound studies of neck vessels, renal vessels, peripheral vessels etc.
  • 128-slice CT scanner with Gemstone Spectral Imaging: The GE Discovery CT750 HD is the world’s first high definition CT scanner. The benefits of the scanner are: (i) Low radiation dose to the patient; (ii) High definition and spatial resolution of this CT allowing for non-invasive Cardiac CT scans, thus making it simpler to detect coronary artery stenosis in persons suspected with coronary disease; (iii) Being the first quantitative dual-energy CT scanner, the Gemstone Spectral Imaging’s dual-energy technique enables the identification of chemical composition of materials such as plaque and Urinary stones.
  • MRI with TIM & DOT: The MRI is a state-of-the-art 1.5T 32-channel system. It is equipped with ‘TIM’ (Total Imaging Matrix) which enables imaging of the whole spine without moving the patient and ‘DOT’ (Day Optimizing Throughput) which makes scanning fast, accurate and consistent irrespective of which Radiographer performs the scan. A wider gantry bore diameter makes it less claustrophobic for patients during the scan. A patient-table that can come down to only 47 cms height from the floor makes it very convenient for the old and disabled to get on to the table. The MRI is also equipped with dedicated coils for all joints thus giving high resolution images.
  • CR Digitizer units: Digitize all the Xray cassettes and store the resultant DICOM image on the PACS.
  • PACS – Filmless environment. Images from all the above equipment are directly stored on the PACS and are instantly available for clinicians to view.
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