The department has three fully equipped state-of-the-art operation theatres one of them is modular theatre, with Two Terumo 8000 & one Advanced perfusion system Heart-Lung machines and modern anaesthesia and monitoring modalities. Vital intra-operative ancillary support is in the form of an Intra Aortic Balloon Pump, centrifugal pumps, cell saver and other blood saving procedures. In complex cases, centrifugal pumps are used and when required total circulatory arrest is practiced, particularly for complex aortic surgeries and paediatric cases. Post-operative patient care is delivered by a 20-bed intensive care unit, equipped with the best patient monitoring and life support systems and a component of 24/7 critical nursing care.

To support these activities, there are 30 pre and post-operative ward beds. The department is approved and certified for the Diplomate of National Board (DNB) programme. Academically, the department has been active, in presenting papers at national and international meetings. Department has 23 publications in various international & national cardio-thoracic journals. The CTVS department has a productive working relationship with an accomplished Cardiology department.

The uniqueness of these two departments has been in practicing time honoured eastern philosophy of medical care, supplemented by western trained cardiac surgeons and cardiologists.


 Dr. Neelam. B. Desai : Senior Consultant & Head of Department
Dr. Shaikh Mohammed Husain: Junior Consultant
Dr Praveen C H : Junior Consultant
Dr Arindam Roy : Junior Consultant
Dr Anup H S : DNB Resident – 6th Year
Dr Gautham R Shankar : DNB Resident – 6th Year
Dr Yogi Sundara Rao C : DNB Resident – 5th Year
Dr Md Wahaj Ali : DNB Resident – 5th Year
Dr Pavan Gazula : DNB Resident – 4th Year
Dr Ravi Kiram M : DNB Resident – 3rd Year
Dr Siddharth S : DNB Resident – 2nd Year
Dr Aravind A : DNB Resident – 1st Year

The visiting faculty are all internationally recognized in their fields and actively use advanced technology in their daily practice. They periodically visit SSSIHMS, Prasanthigram, to teach and perform procedures, which enable the department to deliver cutting edge advances in surgical techniques.


Dr. V. Jeevanandam :Professor and Chief of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, University of Chicago, Chicago, U.S.
Dr. SrikanthKarvande :Prof. Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery, University of Utah School of Medicine, Utah, U.S.
Dr. Stephen Gundry :Director of International Heart Institute, Palm Springs, the U.S.
Dr. SudhirSrivastava :Faculty at University of Chicago. An authority on robotic surgery.
Dr. Mohan Sarabu :Cardio-Thoracic surgeon at Vassar Brothers Medical Centre, New York, the U.S.
Dr. Robert Costa :Adult Cardiothoracic Surgeon at Westmead Hospital, NSW, Australia.
Dr. AubynMarath :President, CardioStart International, Faculty, Oregon Health & Sciences University, Oregon, U.S.

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