Information for Patients Revisiting

Important Instructions

  • All services provided to patients of SSSIHMS, Prasanthigram are totally free of charge. The hospital does not have a billing counter.
  • The hospital strictly confirms to a first come first serve policy with provisions for emergency medical conditions.
  • Patients and patient attendants are advised not to pay anyone who claims to be a staff member of SSSIHMS, Prasanthigram for any service whatsoever.Immediately bring details of such individuals to the notice of the Hospital Security
  • Patients who have visited the hospital once, are given an appointment for a later date by the departments, or visit the hospital on specific instructions of the doctors are known as re-visit patients.

There are broadly two kinds of re-visit patients. Firstly those who are called for a review by the department concerned after undergoing treatment after a specific period of time. Secondly, patients who are called for undergoing a surgery or a procedure at the SSSIHMS.

For the first type of patients, when they get discharged from the hospital they are given instructions to visit the hospital once again after a specified period for a check up. The revisit date is mentioned at the bottom of the discharge summary. If you fall in this category, then please check your discharge summary to find out when you should visit the hospital again. If any complications arise before your due date for revisit, please call the respective department and follow the instructions given.

If you have any queries then you can call up the following numbers:

Patient correspondence Cell – 08555-287388 Ext-1824

Please dial the phone number given above and also the extension number shown above or you can wait for operator assistance.

For patients who are called for undergoing a surgery or a procedure, a letter is sent from the hospital with detailed instructions. Please go through the letter carefully and arrive in the hospital at least one day before the date of appointment.

If a patient is coming for surgery, it is important that he/she gets his/her blood group tested in their home town.

Quick Contacts

Treatment Related:
Phone: 08555-287388
Extn: 1824

General Queries
Phone: 08555-287388
Extn: 1709

Academics Related:
Phone: 08555-287388
Extn: 1710